Screwdriver thumb Transact all the THINGS - sorting out my personal infra

a project by RBrownSUSE

I currently have a lot of personal infrastructure that is in need of some tender loving care and transactionalisation


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Chisel thumb The Chameleon Harmonists

a project by rmax

Join us in singing a capella — barbershop-style and others.

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Chisel thumb OpenShift Origin on Kubic

a project by RBrownSUSE

The incredible Neal Gompa has packaged Open Shift Origin (RH's core Docker + Kubernetes stack) for openSUSE...

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Chisel thumb Trying to finish WSL images for Leap 15 and SLES 15

a project by sschricker

As title says, I want to finish the Windows Subsystem for Linux images of SLES and Leap 15, which Fabian Vogt provided, so they can be sh...

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Hand file thumb Dependency "closure" based on libzypp and repository metadata - zypp-closure

a project by xgonzo

zypp-closure is a small helper tool making use of libzypp and the metadata of product repositories.

The idea is to generate a depe...

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Hand plane thumb Telegram to RSS/Atom gate

an idea by bbobrov

Telegram is a proprietary messenger that gained some popularity recently. It has FOSS client, API and binding for the API. It has private...

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Screwdriver thumb Export "salt-toaster" tests execution profile to Prometheus

a project by PSuarezHernandez

"salt-toaster" allows you to test multiple Salt package flavors across different operating systems via Docker containers. This project is...

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Ruler thumb Practice Go

a project by vcuadradojuan

Use this hackweek to practice and learn more about Go.

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Chisel thumb Ansible configs for home infrastructure: router, nas, server, desktop, laptop, htpc, offlinepc

a project by vcuadradojuan

A successor of

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Drill thumb Plugin for Volumio Music Player

a project by cwh

Volumio is a great, Linux based, open source music player for Raspberry PI and x86.


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