There are various email synchronization programs like offlineimap or mbsync, which have some inherent limitations:

  • mbsync does not support IMAP IDLE
  • offlineimap does not yet support Python 3, proper IDLE and threading support would need a complete rewrite


  • support only IMAP, no POP3
  • IMAP IDLE support is a must, especially:
    • reconnection of dropped IDLE connections
    • support IDLE for all IMAP folders
  • be able to synchronize IMAP <-> Maildir at first, IMAP <-> IMAP would be nice to have
  • bullet-proof cryptography, especially with respect to certificate validation and resistance to downgrade attacks (preferably make the TLS version configurable)
  • use inotify API to support immediate synchronization back to the server if a message changes locally
  • as simple configuration as possible with good defaults

nice to have:

  • incorporate an API for external tagging tools like notmuch to synchronize tags if the remote supports it
  • GMail support


Preferably in Rust, using the imap crate as the core.


Try to create a MVP, especially flesh out proper testing and learn enough about the problem.

Looking for mad skills in:

imap email rust

This project is part of:

Hack Week 18


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