Are you interested in pairing? Are you wondering whether it is something that would help you and your team members in your current project? Would you like to try it out before you fully commit to such an extreme idea? Then this is your lucky day Sir/Madam!

Within the Cloud Foundry project you are expected to pair pretty much every time you are working on something. In the BOSH OpenStack CPI team this isn't the exception, so I've been doing it for the past 15 months. I'd like to transfer some of that experience to you fellow SUSE colleague. We can discuss about the pros and cons that this agile methodology has. For example, there are many misconceptions on how to pair, for once, having the right hardware makes a huge difference. During Hack Week 16 you have the chance to test drive a dual-control workstation (see image) which I believe is one of the biggest differentiators to have a good experience when pairing full time.

If you are interested just ping me or come to my desk in the old all hands area so we can schedule some pairing time :)

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  • dmaiocchi
    almost 3 years ago by dmaiocchi | Reply

    nice project Mauro. What about remote people?

    • mamorales
      almost 3 years ago by mamorales | Reply

      oh, there's a reply button ... anyway just see my other comment ;)

  • mamorales
    almost 3 years ago by mamorales | Reply

    Thanks @dmaiocchi :) ... we also do a lot of remote pairing, so yes, I'd be happy to try that too if you are interested. I do have to say that the experience can be less charming because there isn't very good tooling for this on linux :( ... but I'll let you be the final judge, so feel free to pick a slot and we test it out.

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