Deep dive into 3D printing

a project by rmaliska

I own a 3D printer / Anet AM8 / and after 1,5y its time to upgrade the electronics, mainly the stock motherboard and get it ready for mul...

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Create an OBS extension for VS Code

a project by cvoegl

Features I'd like to implement:

  • Built in search on obs, with one-click branch checkout,
  • Pre commit check for mentions of all new ...
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btrfs: Create uevent infrastructure

a project by mpdesouza

Why is it nice?

btrfs has a lot of fancy features, like snapshot/subvolumes, quotas, raid, checksum and autorepair (when ...

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libuitest - a generic GUI testing library

a project by dancermak

Testing GUIs is hard: unit tests require a tremendous amount of mocking and often don't capture the exact user input anyway, integrat...

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Easier deployment of Prometheus federations

an idea by jcavalheiro

Monitoring large scale infrastructures often require multiple layers of Prometheus servers working in "federation" mode. See https://pro...

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AI Piano

an idea by lin_ma

  • Software involved: SLES 15 SP1 ARM + Tensorflow

  • Hardware involved: HUAWEI taishan 2280 + Raspberry Pi 3 + Solenoids + Piano

  • D...

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Could we use financial prediction methods to improve our quality and performance?

an invention by ilausuch

In financial markets traders try to win money buying cheap and selling expensive. To do that they need to understand what is going on on ...

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Learn O'reilly Fundamentals of Deep learning

a project by jerrytang

Ai and Machine learning play important role in our life, I'd like to learn it.

research to see is there any way of using DEEP learning...

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Bot to check new gems in the bundle for maintainability

a project by hennevogel

If I submit a PR on github || SR on OBS that introduces new gems into the bundle I want a bot to tell me about the maintainability of thi...

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Migration of Pology to Python3

an idea by vpelcak

Pology is a Python library and collection of command-line tools for in-depth processing of PO files, the translation file format of the G...

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