Look at this beauty: https://github.com/crowbar/crowbar-core/blob/master/crowbarframework/app/models/serviceobject.rb#L941

Nice uh? Its a 500 lines methods that its distinctly separated into 4 different pieces internally that make 4 very distinct phases inside.

So why not split that into 4 different methods with nice names that make clear what they are doing, then make apply_role just call those 4 methods? Sounds like that would make it more clear and easy to make modification to it. Not only that, but have you think about testing? Testing that big of a thing sounds difficult, while testing 4 different methods separated should be much easier!

The goal of this project is as follows:

  • Split apply_role into (at least) 4 different methods that cover the 4 different steps inside it
  • Add tests for those 4 different methods
  • ???????
  • profit!

Risks and challenges

  • Break apply_role functionality
  • If everything goes as expected and this is properly done, we may get too much love from our workmates for making their lives easier


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