For Relax-and-Recover (abbr. ReaR, RPM package rear) I like to implement a new kind of "backup" method: BACKUP=ZYPPER

In contrast to usual file-based backup/restore methods where one can get the files of an old system back as they had been before this new kind of "backup" method does not work on files but on RPM packages.

During "rear mkbackup" it will basically save only the list of installed RPM packages and during "rear recover" it will basically only install those RPM packages.

This issue emerged as successor of my previous Hack Week project "Use Relax-and-Recover as generic installer in the plain SUSE installation system " and it is intended to completely replace that.

In contrast to using ReaR as generic installer where a whole new "install" workflow was needed to be implemented the new BACKUP=ZYPPER method is intended to provide the same functionality i.e. "install a system from scratch" but BACKUP=ZYPPER integrates much nicer into the existing ReaR framework.

This is the matching ReaR upstream GitHub issue: <pre> New kind of "backup" method: BACKUP=ZYPPER </pre>

Looking for hackers with the skills:

rear disaster recovery

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


  • jsmeix
    over 3 years ago by jsmeix | Reply

    With the Relay-and-Recover upstream pull request merged, BACKUP=ZYPPER works now in a basic way at least on SLES12, cf.

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