Given that Leap is now available, as installation media, we are going to dedicate some time to release ready to use 'Just enough Operating System' disk images for hypervisors and clouds.

These images should be aligned with the recently released SLES 12 JeOS images, and ideally should reflect some of the work already underway for the SLES 12 JeOS images

The objectives are :

  • finalize Build Service configuration to build images and test properly them
  • write documentation and guides to support their use
  • communicate widely about availability of images
  • contact cloud providers to add Leap to their image catalogs

and of course have a lot of fun !

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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  • vuntz
    over 4 years ago by vuntz | Reply

    What about ?

  • pgonin
    over 4 years ago by pgonin | Reply

    First task is to get the picture of all images sources ;) this one looks very interesting !

  • RBrownSUSE
    over 4 years ago by RBrownSUSE | Reply

    I would like the images to be consistent/compatible with the official SLE JeOS Images -

    That way we're saving ourselves from duplication of effort, and making the most of the official, supported, SLES approach

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