Can we improve the remote hackweek experience for remote or non NUE people at SUSE?

Feel free to discuss and share ideas.

Idea like:

Remote Breakfast. ( in NUE there is a a breafast). Can we do it remotely add-emoji ?

Maybe we could have also like a device in the breakfast room with camera and screens, where NUE susers chat with remote, this would be like sitting virtually collegues.

going to breakfast -> remote people can talks with other remotes or/and NUE people in breakfast room. ( the NUE people would stay like in a small room with Video/micro, and everybody could go there and talk for 2/3 minutes with other). This would be like free and if people want to do it, going in this small room.

i think we can have lot of idea for improving in this direction. As far this stay as "volounteer and opensource" initiative, meaning that the "remote-hacks" should be in a truly and spontaneous mood, and not be like to much formalized rituals, e.g in this direction only remote/fair-aways people who want to join the breakfast room could login, not a mandatory rituals etc.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 17


  • mbrugger
    over 2 years ago by mbrugger | Reply

    I was thinking of trying to at least gather all people from one area (in my case Barcelona) in a physical space.

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