TecnoAlarm is a house alarm system. The input devices are communicating with the main node of the system via an RS 485 bus. In order to be able to plug in such systems in a house automation system, its communication protocol needs to be reverse engineered.

Expected deliverables: an open source library implementing the protocol

Warning: this may take several hackweeks to get something useful

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 16


  • psychowood
    over 2 years ago by psychowood | Reply

    Count me interested, even if I'd prefer a reverse engineering of the TCP/IP protocol instead of the RS Bus since its OOTB functionalities are quite usable for simple home automations projects (currently using it to power on/off appliances, lights, home heating).

  • rexter
    over 2 years ago by rexter | Reply

    Don't know how this platform works. Can contact you to ask for updates?

  • cbosdonnat
    about 2 years ago by cbosdonnat | Reply

    @psychowood, I planned on the RS Bus because my installation is rather old TP14 and doesn't have TCP/IP module

  • postart
    over 1 year ago by postart | Reply

    Hi All, I have done some work on reversing the rs485 protocol. I have reversed some messages and would like to share my results if anyone is interested.

  • aleszuin1
    10 months ago by aleszuin1 | Reply

    Hi all, someone know if there is some "legal constraint" on doing it at "educational purpose"? i own a tp4-20, my idea on hardware side is to connect rs485 port to arduino/esp8266 to bridge serial protocol over TCP/IP then try to log+reverse protocol and create an adapter for HomeAssistant. Ciao

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