Which package currently provides libfoo.so.6 ?

A question for/from packagers and currently not easy to answer, even if the Build Service might know about the content of packages inside a repository as he created the nice filelist.gz files inside the repomd directories with all the needed information already.

Maybe this can be integrated into the general search of the openSUSE Build Service, which already has some special search options included.

Main questions would be: <ul> <li>how to get the latest file lists of a repository into some database ?</li> <li>how to integrate this database into the OBS search?</li> <li>how to integrate all together in osc ?</li> </ul>

I'm unsure how far this project will come, but I guess it might be definitely worth the work.

Looking for mad skills in:

python sql

This project is part of:

Hack Week 10


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    • cb400f
      about 6 years ago by cb400f | Reply

      I think benJIman has already done most of the work. http://webpinstant.com/search/libfoo.so.6

    • sleep_walker
      about 6 years ago by sleep_walker | Reply

      Since we ask this question quite often in L3, I spent some time on tool (for now) called whichpkg. You can find it in here: https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/homeadd-emojil3/whichpkg

      or in l3-scripts GIT repository on bolzano.suse.de.

      It's intended to be used within internal network with schnell and dist mounted. And yes, it's limited: 1] works only on medias with ARCHIVE.gz, no maintenance updates 2] can't tell you important information about package metadata

      I'd love to see revived pdb.suse.de or merged its functionality into build service...

    • jnweiger
      about 6 years ago by jnweiger | Reply

      Thomas: There is a packaging Problem: nothing provides /bin/bash4 needed by whichpkg-0.2-3.1.noarch

    • jnweiger
      about 6 years ago by jnweiger | Reply

      http://webpinstant.com is cool! Maybe it is sufficient to advertise this properly?

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