We already tried to improve the Jangouts data model in the past and, although we made quite some progress, we did not finish it. I've been playing a bit with React and Redux lately, and I would like now to try a different approach replacing Angular with that combo. Using Vue.js might be another option too.

Of course, we are not going to rewrite Jangouts in just one week, but let's see how far we can go. By the way, the redesign branch contains some interesting stuff from one of the GSoC that we should consider.

Hack Week 18 results

Although it is a WIP, we have posted a summary of the current status to Jangouts mailing list.

Current status

The port is already functional, although there are several missing features. You can read more details in the summary we sent to Jangouts mailing list.

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  • ancorgs
    over 1 year ago by ancorgs | Reply

    My main interest in this project is updating the version of janus-gateway we have packaged and updating the javascript library we use to connect to it. I will likely not participate much in the React part. But still I think it makes sense to do it in the context of this Hack Week project instead of creating a new one.

  • IGonzalezSosa
    over 1 year ago by IGonzalezSosa | Reply

    We did not finish the project during this Hack Week but we are pretty happy about the results. We have summarized the current status in the Jangouts mailing list and we would be more than happy to get some extra help :).

  • IGonzalezSosa
    12 months ago by IGonzalezSosa | Reply

    We have sent a summary to Jangouts mailing list about the results of Hack Week 19.

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