The YaST2 AppArmor module is still based on the Immunix::* perl modules that are deprecated upstream and therefore causes some maintenance "fun". Upstream AppArmor utils were rewritten in python.

The idea is to rewrite the YaST2 AppArmor module to use the python modules or JSON interfaces.

The profile editor could either use the python modules directly, or a to-be-written interface that hands over the profile in an easily parseable format (for example a JSON array).

In the past, YaST2 also had graphical interfaces for aa-genprof and aa-logprof. It would be nice to get them back ;-) Again, I propose a JSON-based interface with aa-logprof and aa-genprof that hands over the questions to ask, available options and buttons, and then sends back the selected option and the button clicked to aa-logprof. YaST would "just" need to convert the JSON to a nice dialog ;-)

I can help on the AppArmor side (for example implement the needed JSON interface), but I know nothing about YaST programming ;-)

Looking for mad skills in:

yast apparmor

This project is part of:

Hack Week 11


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    • mvidner
      over 4 years ago by mvidner | Reply

      I already have another project but I offer advice to anyone wanting to try YaST coding.

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