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Running openATTIC and DeepSea on Multiple Distributions ABSTRACT

At least a millennia ago, there was this interestingly odd fellow living in a small village in what would one day become the middle of nowhere. No one really knows what this fellow was up to during his days, but we know very well we have zero clue what he was doing during his nights. What is really interesting about this fellow is that he lived in a small village, and the village itself was so remote that it was completely cut-off from the world. The village itself became a self-sustaining cooperative organism, where every single individual contributed some of their to a broader cause: the survival and advancement of their small village.

Even though records found in a given blog's posts points to all the villagers being bound by a single-conscious organism at some point, and eventually being destroyed because one of them got the flu, for most of their existence they were individuals with different (and sometimes very specific) skills who tried to live their lives in the most boring way possible -- why is this relevant? We're not sure, but we are being told we don't need an abstract and we should instead be quite specific on what we add to the projects descriptions, instead of trying to create inspiring (but ultimately pointless) stories about why we need this. MOTIVATION

In a nutshell, because "this is not nanowrimo", we want to have both openATTIC and DeepSea working on multiple distributions. Some would argue they already work in openSUSE and SLE, so multiple distros amiright??, but come on... -_-'

We need oA and DeepSea to be available in multiple distributions because

we should share the love with the whole wide world; and,
projects without strong, vibrant communities tend to stagnate, and die horrible deaths.

We don't want that. We want every single person in the world to be using openATTIC to manage and monitor Ceph, regardless of their distro affiliation card.

This will necessarily mean making sure oA and DeepSea properly work in at least CentOS and Ubuntu, as most of the Ceph community orbits around those two distributions - which is not a surprise, given Ceph packages were traditionally tested and built for ubuntu, eventually for CentOS. JOIN US!

We have setup a trello board [1] with tasks pending and currently being worked on, so feel free to take a look! If you'd like to join us, poke us through the hackweek project and lets try to figure out a way to sync up :)

[1] https://trello.com/b/K49DeC9D/hackweek-nov-2017

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 17


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