A Nextcloud installation with access from the outside might cover a lot of needs from development. Especially (not limited, but sometimes mentioned in conversations):

  • Calendaring
  • file access (even for anonymous users, if wanted)
  • simple Trello replacement (via deck or task plugin)
  • Jangouts replacement (via talk)
  • basic integration of Email (imap.suse.de)
  • Notes
  • Diagrams (via DrawIO integration)
  • ...

All of this, together with openID, LDAP and/or even two factor authentication should provide a real benefit for SUSE R&D.

Looking for mad skills in:

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Hack Week 17


  • TBro
    8 months ago by TBro | Reply

    Don't forget to add some salt ;)

  • kbabioch
    8 months ago by kbabioch | Reply

    Great project! Definitely worth evaluating!

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