Motivation: You know a particular function name and would like to know which package(s) it comes from.

Approximation: It is possible to search in code on Github hoping for a match in upstream repo not being too far from our distro.

We already have all packages stored (and versioned too) in OBS however OBS cannot search in the package contents. There exists Debian codesearch which fulfills the primary motivation for this.

Goal: setup internally available instance of Code search for SLE codebase and hook it to stay up to date with IBS updates.

<del>Stretch goal: second instance for openSUSE (assuming the first is easier to coordinate in Hackweek timeframe).</del>

Stretch goal: make it maintenance-less (to survive even without too much care).


SLE kernel source browser

Looking for mad skills in:

indexer infra obs go

This project is part of:

Hack Week 18


  • mkraus
    7 days ago by mkraus | Reply

    FYI, there used to be a (source code). From my understanding it had some issues though, and nobody working on it anymore, so it finally got shut down this year. It still might be useful as a basis though, or at least Victor might have some insights on pitfalls to avoid this time.

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