Some of SUSE Manager features are quite vertical to the rest of the system.

A plugin/extension mechanism should allow for adding these verticals installing a single package/rpm.

  • Plugins, in case of needing tables should manage their own tables/namespaces eg. pluginIdXXXX_MyTable and their migration lifecycle. Alternatively some REST API backed by schema-less postgress could be a better option.
  • They should be able to add entries to the menu to access the functionality.
  • They should be able to add metadata to a system and the core classes of the Spacewalk model (may be in a schema-less mode).
  • They should be able to listen to internal events and add hooks on them.
  • They should be able to access the Salt-API.

Plugins should go from complex forms/dashboards with their own tables to very simple hooks. Idea: for simple hooks, ScriptEngine and javascript snippets could explose APIs.

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  • joachimwerner
    about 3 years ago by joachimwerner | Reply

    Just as an idea for a real life example: Loosely coupling Machinery with SUSE Manager (as a standalone “server” driven by a salt proxy or through a salt runner like the Spacewalk Runner ( would be an interesting project to identify typical plugin needs.

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