At SUSE Manager and Uyuni we use right now a set of bash scripts called sumaform-test-runner to run terraform and cucumber, send notifications and store cucumber results.

However such scripts are currently hard to maintain and extend, and bash is clearly showing it's limitations when it comes to parsing cucumber results, working with JSON stuff, or using APIs. Besides it forces us to have credentials hardcoded at the files, which is a huge problem for making a public CI for Uyuni.

So the plan is to replace this set of bash scripts with a python solution. By the end of the hackweek there should be at least a python module to handle all the tasks that we need. Then next step (best if ready during the hackweek) will be having a CLI tool that we can use from the CI.

Looking for mad skills in:

cucumber terraform python3 susemanager uyuni

This project is part of:

Hack Week 18


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