SmartOS is converged container and virtual machine hypervisor based on illumos, an OpenSolaris fork. SmartOS supports KVM & bhyve hypervisors and illumos, LX, & Docker zones ("containers").

There are LX-branded openSUSE & SLES images unofficial. LX-brand is implementation of Linux API on SmartOS (similar to Microsoft's Windows subsystem for Linux).

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  • michalnowak
    7 months ago by michalnowak | Reply

    openSUSE Leap 42.3 image worked fine on the SmartOS host. Even online migration to Leap 15.0 worked fine.

    Apart from applications which require Linux kernel support (like Docker requiring aufs, overlay2), in userland one can hardly see that the underlying API syscall implementation is not Linux but SmartOS LX brand.

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