Collecting and presenting statistics on the various aspects of the openSUSE:Factory/openSUSE:Leap:* staging process would be useful for determining if changes in tooling and automation have an impact on the workflow. Some examples or information of interest are as follows.


  • time to first staging
  • number of times moved
  • total time until accepted
  • time less review waits (ie staging work)
  • count of superseded requests before accept


  • time from first request to accept (length open)
  • time from acceptable to accepted (idle time)
  • spacing between requests being added (ignoring superseded requests)
  • manual rebuilds triggered that ended in success (flaky packages)
  • manual retests triggered that ended in success (flaky tests)


  • backlog size
  • empty staging count
  • ready stagings pending review
  • ignored requests
  • total open requests

drawing some conclusions where possible

  • the quality of initial staging decisions based on number of times requests are moved
  • troublesome packages that general cause issues and may be candidates for isolating
  • dead time where requests are in backlog and empty stagings
  • would adjusting the number of stagings be useful

If possible back-filling this data would be helpful for getting a feel for averages.


  • jberry
    over 2 years ago by jberry | Reply

    After follow-up work,

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