<a href="http://trivialine.herokuapp.com/" target="_blank"><img src="https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/10356030_312406015612069_6822168581672115471_n.png?oh=d7ff3f6c32934ea362156d071e0b660a&oe=54B1308C" width="460px"/></a>

We have the pleasure to introduce you to the first Online Multiplayer Trivia:

The game uses a realtime protocol based on websockets to provide instant feedback to all players. <h5 style="color: #ffc55c">Technologies implemented:</h5> <strong style="color: #00fffc">For the backend:</strong><br> - Websockets <br> - Ruby on Rails<br> - Ajax<br> - Javascript<br> <strong style="color: #00fffc">For the front end:</strong><br> - Haml<br> - Javascript / Jquery<br> - Less<br> - Parallax effects made on Javascript<br>

<a href="http://trivialine.herokuapp.com/" target="_blank"><div class="btn btn-default">Visit the game</div></a> <hr>

Have a look at our repo in github:

<a href="https://github.com/digitaltom/trivialine"><div class="btn btn-default"><i class="fa fa-github"></i> Trivialine</div></a> <hr>

We even have a Facebook fanpage with 40 likes ..and counting ;)

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/trivialine" target="_blank"><img style="border-radius: 4px" src="https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcThWrMWPx2sY_zEoDqoMw1oDQ5CEgzZZf-swTEobaS_YsE5aCCY" width="150px"></a>

A game that was created by a well organised team:

  1. Graphic Designer: Zvezdana Marjanovic <img src="http://trivialine.herokuapp.com/assets/zvez-3c414d000429b6e8434209c41976fdc7.jpg" width="20px" style="border-radius: 100%">
  2. UX designer: Kenneth Wimmer <img src="http://trivialine.herokuapp.com/assets/ken-0472b3c1bf2d159db518254ba09979ce.jpg" width="20px" style="border-radius: 100%">
  3. Front-End developer: Cynthia Sanchez <img src="http://trivialine.herokuapp.com/assets/cynt-aa3571490f7e5e51d6a4e000dfc8f55d.jpg" width="20px" style="border-radius: 100%">
  4. Back-end developer: Thomas Schmidt <img src="http://trivialine.herokuapp.com/assets/tom-1fc04b4a2ea7932d215408b92608f735.jpg" width="20px" style="border-radius: 100%">

These are some screenshot of Trivialine:

The home page trivialine.home <br><br> The game page trivialine.home <br><br> The online chat trivialine.home <br><br> Did you like it? Vote for us :D

Looking for mad skills in:

graphics creativity websockets javascript jquery

This project is part of:

Hack Week 11


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    • cyntss
      over 4 years ago by cyntss | Reply

      example image

    • digitaltomm
      over 4 years ago by digitaltomm | Reply

      I will focus on the real-time client-server communication using websockets. I can also help on the frontend side with the javascript dealing with the server communication.

    • cyntss
      over 4 years ago by cyntss | Reply


    • kfreitag
      over 4 years ago by kfreitag | Reply

      hrm, could we easteregg something with a client I am maintaining? Sounds like fun...

    • cyntss
      over 4 years ago by cyntss | Reply

      Visit and play our game: http://trivialine.herokuapp.com/

    • kwwii
      over 4 years ago by kwwii | Reply

      kfreitag: sounds like a great idea :-)

    • cyntss
      over 4 years ago by cyntss | Reply


    • cyntss
      over 4 years ago by cyntss | Reply


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