We had old arndale images working, but those were based on openSUSE-12.x which is now long obsolete and bad (e.g. missing security updates).

Thus we want to use a more modern u-boot and kernel, but those currently trigger a kernel panic. That needs to be investigated, tracked down and fixed but on the way we are hitting other problems, such as insufficient cross-compilation tools and a u-boot that can not do network/tftp boot.

Looking for mad skills in:

arm kernel

This project is part of:

Hack Week 13



  • bmwiedemann
    over 3 years ago by bmwiedemann | Reply

    using setenv append " init=/bin/bash" I found a workaround: echo "install xhci_hcd /bin/true" > /etc/modprobe.d/90-blacklist-xhci.conf

  • bmwiedemann
    over 3 years ago by bmwiedemann | Reply

    (ontop of modules loaded in initrd) minimal reproducer is

    for m in exynosdrm i2cs3c2410 clks2mps11 s5m8767 xhciplathcd asix ; do echo $m ; /sbin/modprobe $m ; done

  • bmwiedemann
    over 3 years ago by bmwiedemann | Reply

    still crashed with "xhci_hcd" blacklisted - but blacklisting exynosdrm helped

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