Screwdriver thumb Spider to download filtered 58 website information

a project by zyuhu

This project is meant to practice python and download filtered 58 information

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Hand file thumb Learn about virtualization and openstack

a project by XGWang0

We are doing virtualization related tasks, How can we still not know how
virtualization is implemented, what is the r...

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Pliers thumb Learn and migrate virtualization test to Twopence structure

a project by XGWang0

Task: - Learn Twopence structure - Migrate current virtualization test (guest installation) to Twopence.

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Ruler thumb Source Managment Tool(Lite Edition)

a project by XGWang0

Want to build a server which can help us to manage some resource. The functions contain : Reserve, Lock, Release, Timer, Change,Add,Cance...

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Hammer thumb Study and card QEMU work flow.

a project by XGWang0

During testing virtualization , I usually met some issue and can not position the issue location (host or guest), so I would like to deep...

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