openSUSE with Linaro 96 board

a project by bamvor

96 boards are the series open source boards with same size and interface launched by linaro. There are two arm 64bit bo...

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kindle highlights management tool

an idea by qkzhu

This is my Python Learning-by-doing project.

Kindle Mate is a free feature-rich program designed to sync, orga...

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a project by morbidrsa

At SUSE LabsConf 2015 we decided to run some sort of automated tests on the SLE and openSUSE kernels after each push to ...

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Photobooth with RaspberryPi

a project by digitaltomm

The software is a rails app with an Angular.js frontend using the gphoto2 library to trigger a Nikon D60 camera.

Features: take pictu...

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arm64 set-top-box based workstation

a project by mbrugger

Tronsmart has a Rockchip rk3368 based set-top-box [1].

I want to use it as a arm64 based workstation running openSUSE. The first step...

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