Drill thumb Write a fault tolerant disk copy tool with file system specific plugins

an idea by j_gross

When my laptop disk started to show read errors I searched for a tool capable to save the contents of the disk (multiple systems on it wi...

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Screwdriver thumb Start with fault tolerant Xen server prototype

a project by j_gross

A normal Xen server today has many single points of failure. Those can be reduced by disaggregating Dom0 into multiple domains (xenstore,...

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Ruler thumb Add Xen PVH support to grub2

a project by j_gross

PVH domains are a new guest type supported by Xen being as lightweight as possible (e.g. no emulation of legacy devices via qemu) while t...

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Hand file thumb Video presence system for distributed teams

a project by ancorgs

Those working remotely or managing a distributed team know it: face time is invaluable. The former openSUSE team has been using http://sq...

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