Photo browser that groups pictures by location and date

an idea by jmoellers

When you make photos with devices that have a GPS on-board, the coordinates of the take are often included in the pciture meta data. Cert...

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Floppy disk controller/drive emulator

an idea by jmoellers

I am into retro-computing and one of my treasures is an SB180FX microcomputer: an HD64180 CPU running at blazing 9.something MHz and havi...

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openQA IDE

a project by coolo

There is a running gag built into openQA called interactive mode. It goes like this: "if you need the interactive mode, it's broken". The...

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Reverse engineer Tecnoalarm protocol

a project by cbosdonnat

TecnoAlarm is a house alarm system. The input devices are communicating with the main node of the system via an RS 485 bus. In order to ...

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DIY smart thermostat with ESP8266

an invention by scabrero

Build a smart thermostat using an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 board, a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and a 2.4 TFT touch pane...

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Self Encryption Drives support in openSUSE

an idea by michael-chang

Self Encryption Drive (SED) is used to achieve hardware based full disk encryption provided by hard disk drive vendors. The project is ai...

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