Simple command line monitoring of OpenStack Monasca installation

an idea by joadavis

Monasca is "Monitoring at Scale" for OpenStack and cloud services. It is a little tricky to run in its current form. There are a number...

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OpenCV on SLES on Raspberry Pi

a project by joadavis

I just want to learn how OpenCV works. And having a portable version would be great.

  • learn how to install SLES on RPi
  • learn how ...
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Package kivy and python project for Android

an invention by joadavis

About 3 years ago I wrote some Python and Kivy code for my Samsung Galaxy S4 in QPython. Unfortunately, QPython updated and broke its ki...

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Worst 3D Printer version 2

a project by joadavis

A few years ago I wrote the "worst 3D Printer". Basically, it takes a 3D model (VRML) and slices it to bitmaps, which can be arranged on...

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Graph Visualization of a Cloud Environment

an idea by joadavis

This is actually stealing an idea from Mark Harvey - see

Our SUSE...

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Geeky clock face for Fitbit Versa 2

an idea by joadavis

I recently got a Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch (thank you wellness incentive) and found there was a clock face that looked like a Linux promp...

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