Learn and help learn

a project by kstreitova

I'm in SUSE for about a month and as a fresh graduate I had to learn a lot of stuff during this period. And there is a bunch of other thi...

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mysql-packaging git repo enhancement

a project by kstreitova

This Hackweek I would like to finish enhancing of the mysql-packaging git repository [1]. This improvement mainly consists of scripts for...

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Improve packagers' life

a project by kstreitova

Every packager encounters boring manual tasks every once in a while and these tasks can most probably be automated to some extent. During...

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Write a reporting script using SMELT

an invention by vitezslav_cizek

I'd like to write a tool that reports user's OBS work done in a given time frame (eg. week). It'll collect all the packages he/she submi...

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