Chameleonize Turkey

a project by leylekler

The aim of this project is to make openSUSE/SUSE more known in Turkey, to atract students there to more participate in opensuse community...

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Upstream test packages to our testing framework

an idea by leylekler

There is a MariaDB test package which can be accomodated and packed within ctcs2 testing framework - this is my primary goal. Find anoth...

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Avocado testing framework

a project by leylekler

Investigation of the testing framework Avocado (successor of autotest) Virtualization tests within the framework - xen, kvm, libvirt, q...

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openSUSE Landing Page Prototype

a project by hennevogel is the single most accessed page in the SUSE/openSUSE universe. With 1.5 million visits per month it generates **2.5...

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HackWeek T-Shirt

a project by abodry

If nothing is changed, no Hackweek T-Shirt awaits us. So, taking the initiative, I am searching for other creative minds to collaborate ...

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