an invention by jeff_mahoney

New Development

In previous hack weeks, the first few days ended up being wasted on just getting it working. I'm pleased to share ...

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NFire a new project to replace newburn

a project by lzwang

newburn is a system press testing tool. But it is out of maintained. And it is heavily integrated in ctcs2. So replace it with a new one.

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QA Data Analysis Tool(Framework)

a project by lzwang

A frame work for automatically analysis the result of the performance test. The tool can be used manully as well as used throught openA...

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Performance Log Analysis Tool

an idea by lzwang

Performance log including data, we need a statistic way to do the analysis too automatically tell what the results reflect.

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Speed up zypper in Beijing Office

an invention by lzwang

It is not a about make a new software. It is a service in fact.

Everyone working in Beijing Office struggles with the tortoise network...

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