Chef 12 on the (open)SUSE

a project by nkrinner

Recent packages for Chef on the SUSE platforms are in a poor shape. In the meantime, Chef 12 is in the beta phase. Let's use the hack wee...

Updated 10 months ago. 2 hacker ♥️.

Rocket.Chat Improvements

a project by nkrinner

Various improvements to Rocket.Chat, like - adding a IRC/Rocket.Chat gateway - adding a notification bot - enhance/update bugzilla plu...

Updated 10 months ago. 1 hackers ♥️.

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  • about 2 years ago: nkrinner started Rocket.Chat Improvements
  • about 2 years ago: nkrinner originated Rocket.Chat Improvements
  • over 5 years ago: nkrinner started Chef 12 on the (open)SUSE
  • over 5 years ago: nkrinner originated Chef 12 on the (open)SUSE