Dangerous voyage in openSUSE Infrastructure sea.

a project by mcaj

Well the see of openSUSE Infrastructure has been unrest and need our attention. I would like to invite you for this cruise trip. From t...

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a project by pdostal

The most important task for my first hackweek - accessibility of the Gnome Shell.

There's the project called [gnome-shell-mousewheel...

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How-to guide on switching from docker/docker-compose to a cri-o/k8s world

an idea by suntorytimed

How-to guide on switching from docker/docker-compose to a cri-o/k8s world

In this project I basically want to explore how you can ...

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Tools to make keysigning fun again (replacement for caff)

an idea by kbabioch

There is a tool called caff, which is the de-facto standard when dealing with keysigning (on a large ...

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geekos.prv.suse.net employee finder

an invention by hennevogel


Our company org chart consists mostly of teams + their proj...

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microservices and serverless for the openSUSE.org infrastructure

an invention by tampakrap

The openSUSE.org official infrastructure is getting bigger and complicateder, so #microservices and #serverless FTW! :smiley: :th...

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Search people by tag

an idea by dleidi

The problem I typically find very hard to figure out in the whole SUSE company who is the go-to guy for a certain skill/knowledge/experi...

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Extend urlwatch to support monitoring of GitHub (and other git) repos

an idea by kbabioch

I'm currently using urlwatch to watch for new releases in upstream projects. It monitors the output of...

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Learn Go (language)

an invention by vsistek

I plan to learn Go, first by going through the official 'Tour of Go', then implementing simple caldav client to help me with work reports.

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an invention by e_bischoff

Twopence is (will be) a remote execution engine for tests, able to run tests in virtual machines and real hardware through various means ...

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