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Radio Scope - Swiss Army Knife for Everything Wireless

a project by duwe

<p>WLAN, bluetooth, DVB, DAB, ... I'm not getting any data!</p> <ul> <li>Is my antenna set up properly?</li> <li>Is it switched on?</l...

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HackWeek T-Shirt

a project by abodry

If nothing is changed, no Hackweek T-Shirt awaits us. So, taking the initiative, I am searching for other creative minds to collaborate ...

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openSUSE 13.2 ARM hackathon

a project by algraf

openSUSE 13.2 is taking shape on ARM, but we need to make sure we smoothen its edges to make an actual release out of it. The goal of thi...

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Reimplementation of "quilt setup"

an invention by jdelvare

I would like to change the way "quilt setup" is implemented.

At the moment, we call rpmbuild and intercept the calls to tar and patch ...

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Biofeedback / Neuroscanner / Dreamanalyser

an idea by chuller

This project is based on some hack of a mind flex toy containing a so called "neurosky eeg" chip. Having a sensor connected to your skull...

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