Porting Askbot to Python 3

a project by rbueker

During the last year Askbot, a question and answer oriented internet tool, similar to stack overflow has been tested for internal usage. ...

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Learn (machine) learning

an invention by mwilck

I'd like to gain practical knowledge about machine learning / TensorFlow / scikit by trying out simple examples.

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L3 workflow in Jira

an idea by puzel

L3 workflow is implemented in a custom, developed in-house, tool called SolidGround

Explore possibilitie...

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openmediavault related tasks

an idea by vtheile

For this hack week i plan various task for the openmediavault [http://www.openmediavault.org] project.

  • Use Font Awesame with ExtJS ...
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get ibus-deepspeech speech recognition engine for IBus working on openSUSE

an idea by aspiers

As described in https://hackaday.com/2018/01/17/speech-recognition-for-linux-gets-a-little-closer/ Michael Sheldon created an IBus plugin...

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Machine Learning: Participate in a competition on Kaggle

a project by mdinca

The goal is to learn about Kaggle and Machine Learning.


  • [Getting started](https://www.quor...
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