Drill thumb Yandex.Disk (video/pictures/music) XBMC add-ons

an invention by vlewin

Yandex.Disk is a free cloud storage service (like Dropbox) that gives you access to your photos, videos and do...

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Screwdriver thumb SUSE Hackweek Gallery XBMC add-on

an invention by vlewin

Browse the SUSE Hackweek Gallery in XBMC on your TV :)


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Chisel thumb List of open github pull request in a card on a team trello board

a project by vlewin

Write a simple command line tool for getting the open pull request from github and put it into a trello card. The tool should periodicall...

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Screwdriver thumb Playground/Training Project: Online shop (Ruby on Rails)

an idea by vlewin

Create a training project for trying out new Rails features, gems and best practice techniques (http://e-shop-demo-eu.herokuapp.com/).

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Ruler thumb SUSE Staff - Employee Directory with Ionic and Node.js

a project by vlewin

Ionic + AngularJS + Node.js (http://ionicframework.com/)

staff.suse.de: demo

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Chisel thumb Learning Gosu - 2D game development library (with ruby bindings)

a project by digitaltomm


https://github.com/jlnr/gosu/wiki/Ruby-Tutorial http://www.libgosu.org/

Eventually this effort can be combined with rubo...

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