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Support for the SMBus ARP protocol

a project by jdelvare

The SMBus standard specifies an address resolution protocol (SMBus ARP.) It has two key features :

  • Handle I2C slave address collisio...
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Create a tool to sync GroupWise calendars with a local radicale server

a project by cbosdonnat

I already have a [python script][0] processing mails received in the Calendar folder to get the ical event and push it to [radicale][1]. ...

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remote pi

a project by radmanic

I'd like to add a 433MHz receiver transmitter module to my raspberry pi - I know there are some kits, but this will require some hardware...

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L3 workflow in Jira

an idea by puzel

L3 workflow is implemented in a custom, developed in-house, tool called SolidGround

Explore possibilitie...

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Disturb Face Recognition

an idea by kfreitag

People do photos everywhere, and share them via social networks. some like it, some also really not.

Social networks arouse suspicion ...

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